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The acquisition of laser point cloud data within industry sectors is becoming commonplace. The greater challenge is now with the management of this data to ensure your business has both access and visibility, driving efficiencies and productivity.

Visualising laser point cloud data is an integral part of the iSite solution. Providing clients with the ability to consolidate disparate datasets into one central location. The ability to then further interrogate these datasets to create a spatial and dimensional awareness is critical in the decision making process.

Combined with a smart web based interface solution ensures the complex data is available to all your business needs when and where you need it, all from your desktop!

Laser Point Cloud Data


  • Accurate On-Screen Measurements
  • Visual asset management.
  • Reduced need to visit the asset
  • Encrypted worldwide access.
  • All data available 24/7, always up-to-date.
  • No additional software to purchase.
  • Benefits

  • Desktop digital asset management through intuitive 3D visualisation & secure access.
  • Revolutionise your cost structure by working faster, smarter and reducing the need to visit your asset or facility in person.
  • Reduce & remove HSE risks and increase operational safety to support compliance.
  • Collaborate using the right information, with the right people immediately.
  • Consolidate all key asset information from disperse sources in one place for full project and asset lifecycle - even linking information held on local repositories.
  • More Information

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