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Communication is key to any business. The ability to empower your workforce to work smarter not harder, having critical data at your fingertips is crucial to driving efficiencies.

Utilising web based technology, ‘smart’ data entry and secure access, iSite can drive change within your business ensuring that your workforce has access to the right supporting documentation and reporting processes all from site.

Reducing the need for double data entry though mobile device interfaces empowers field operatives, whilst ensuring that critical information is shared quickly and efficiently, reducing the possibility of misinterpretation.

Whether its field or inspection reports to timekeeping and workforce effectiveness, the ability to receive, process and act on this information quickly is key to business success.

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  • Supports GIS functions for geographically located 3D date and project information.
  • Hot-spot issues for attention, tag assets.
  • Visual asset management.
  • All data available 24/7, always up-to-date.
  • Document & database integration.
  • Defect / risk management & reporting.
  • Benefits

  • Desktop digital asset management through intuitive 3D visualisation & secure access.
  • Revolutionise your cost structure by working faster, smarter and reducing the need to visit your asset or facility in person.
  • Reduce & remove HSE risks and increase operational safety to support compliance.
  • Collaborate using the right information, with the right people immediately.
  • Consolidate all key asset information from disperse sources in one place for full project and asset lifecycle - even linking information held on local repositories.
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