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Add reportable, searchable items to your 3D environment to manage intuitively and report automatically. Just two clicks in the virtual tour and you’ve added a tag to the virtual environment – streamlining processes which otherwise could have required cumbersome document or excel sheet management.

The iSite’s database of tagged assets module which sits within the iSite virtual tour can operate independently, or by feeding out of existing but cumbersome systems. This puts an intuitive and standardised front end to what would otherwise be an unwieldy and inefficient reporting process. By combining reportable items with the 3D virtual environment three key objectives are achieved with single solution.

  • No need to add further systems or software, everything managed within one environment
  • Standardised input, standardised output, automated reporting from up to date information at the touch of a button.
  • No more excel sheets to manage with wasted days generating reports!
  • Asset Tagging Examples


  • No additional software to purchase.
  • Hot-spot issues for attention, tag assets.
  • Visual asset management.
  • Fully customisable look and feature-set.
  • Document & database integration.
  • Defect / risk management & reporting.
  • Benefits

  • Desktop digital asset management through intuitive 3D visualisation & secure access.
  • Revolutionise your cost structure by working faster, smarter and reducing the need to visit your asset or facility in person.
  • Reduce & remove HSE risks and increase operational safety to support compliance.
  • Collaborate using the right information, with the right people immediately.
  • Consolidate all key asset information from disperse sources in one place for full project and asset lifecycle - even linking information held on local repositories.
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