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UTEC, an Acteon company, has secured important U.S. patents for iSite™ - a leading-edge, web-based project engagement system for the energy, industrial and telecoms sectors.

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Three U.S. patents have been secured for the system which has been developed in response to feedback from customers seeking improvements on existing workflows by creating a faster, smarter portal to all asset information which features a scalable interface and visual database management system. The system, which is legally protected thanks to the patents, enables multiple users to work in collaboration to access a range of applications and features from a full colour 360° virtual asset tour, with accurate on-screen measurements, to CAD drawing and 3D model integration, risk management, asset integrity and QHSE compliance.

The result is a ground-breaking tool which offers a unique set of capabilities in the fields of project planning, maintenance, asset management, personnel induction, safety inductions and investigation, construction support, inspection, task planning, engineering measurement and dimensioning.

Commenting on iSite, Steve Rampton, Director of Development said: “The consolidation and integrity of information which iSite enables is crucial in today’s market where streamlining, efficiency and cost reduction are top of everyone’s agenda. Securing patents for this important technology are vital in ensuring users can have confidence in what we are providing, in line with other aspects of the UTEC suite of products and services.

Colin McHardy, Business Unit Director, added “In essence, the iSite portal brings the worksite to your desktop. Our research has found that people interact more effectively when seeing an object rather than a string of alpha-numerical data and iSite tackles that head-on – wherever you may be in the world it allows you to ‘virtually’ stand in front of a piece of equipment or asset and undertake a variety of tasks or assessments. We believe this important addition to the UTEC portfolio represents a significant enhancement in our global capabilities and we are delighted at the levels of uptake and interest already being demonstrated.”